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If I remember correctly RAF Harrier pilot David Morgan described in his book how he tested the then-new AIM-9L on a training flight and got the seeker to lock onto a rail car carrying freshly rolled steel, a garden bonfire and a large pile of manure.
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Another thing I cannot seem to figure out are these plots (attached). The F-8E tactical combat supplement has a plot for sustained turn rates as well as P_s plots. Thing is, the former is in CAS and the latter, in true Mach. At first glance, it appears that the error from CAS is so small at 5000 ft that they match - the STR plot says 410 KCAS at 5G (5000 ft alt) and the P_s plot says true Mach 0.62 for a sustained 5G (5000 ft alt).

However when I cross-referenced with the F-8H/J manual speed conversion chart (from CAS to true Mach and TAS), it appears that if I take 410 KCAS, that's a Mach of 0.66 and TAS of ~430 kn.

The plots do not all seem to agree - that is 410 KCAS at 5000 ft =/= true Mach 0.62.. I do not think the F-8J instrumentation changed since the F-8E either. Does anyone have an explanation?

F-8E sustained turn rate plots

F-8H/J speed conversion chart

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Yeah there is a correlation issue here, but since the Ps plots are for TMN I think they are the most "accurate", as in only they are comparable with the EM charts of other aircraft which are also graphed for TMN.
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Vought F-8J would go well with an A-4E Skyhawk on an angled-deck, Essex-class carrier. Although an Essex-class carrier appears to be in-works for the F4U-1D Corsair, the much modified angled-deck Essex with steam catapults is almost completely different, externally, other than having the same hull. CVA-11 Intrepid, CVA-14 Ticonderoga, CVA-19 Hancock, first group with starboard elevator more aft and CVA-16 Lexington, CVA-31 BonHomme Richard, CVA-34 Oriskany and CVA-38 Shangri-La second group with starboard elevator more forward. Since the F-4 Phantom and A-6 Intruder could not operate from the angled-deck Essex carriers, the F-8 Crusader and A-4 Skyhawk were the primary air arm of those ships during the Vietnam War. Ironically, the large EKA-3B Skywarrior could operate from these carriers. There's a nice color picture on Wikipedia of an EKA-3B refueling an F-8J from USS Hancock in 1972. The Community A-4E-C is almost good enough...loads of fun to fly. It needs to be a full module so that it can have a radio and work with SRS and do inflight refueling, including being a buddy refueler. Also, DCS needs to add 57mm and 85mm AA guns, which should be fairly simple. Until then, the WWII Assets' 88mm Flak guns can do as a proxy. I use them now in single-player missions for the A-4E-C.
Anxiously awaiting the F-8J and, hopefully, its Essex carrier! And AI versions of the EKA-3B Skywarrior, E-1A Tracer (AW), SH-2 Seasprite helo.
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