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Originally Posted by Pasquale1986 View Post
First of all, it's one of the most if not the most iconic A/C (with the Tornado) that is not in development right with the Viper, Phantom, Tomcat, Hornet and Strike Eagle all actively pursuit.
Well I would rather see them come out with an A-6 as they intend to assuming they can get the proper licenses & approval from ED.

I think that the Intruder is pretty damn Iconic.

While the F-117 is extremely limited in scope the A-6(E at least) has a wide variety of weapons to choose from:
Mk 82
Mk 83
Mk 84
Mk 20 Rockeye II
Mk 4 Mod 0 20 mm gun pod
GPU-5/A 30 mm gun pod
Zuni rockets
AGM-62 Walleye TV-guided bomb
AGM-65 Maverick
AGM-78 Anti-Radar Missile
AGM-84 Harpoon
AGM-123 Skipper (A GBU-16 but with a rocket attached)
AIM-9 Sidewinder
ADM-141 TALD decoy
Mk 60 Captor Mines
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Yeah I had that one off the Books already as i don't think they will not do it, just forgot to Mention it - btw. i love the A-6E as well
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A-6 would make the naval strike package open up for many conflicts from Vietnam era too Gulf War.

Maybe an EA add on later.
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Isn't the A-6 nearly a foregone conclusion at this stage though?

I'd been treating this thread as a 'what after the Intruder' thread since that A-6 AI reveal. Am I the only one doing this?
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