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Originally Posted by Robert31178 View Post
I will say, for critical distance, that this is most likely the result of the German pilot problem, and the guys flying here are way more experienced in our "chosen profession" than your average German, or even American, fighter pilot, and as such I doubt the Jug would fare as good here as it did in real life in a low and mid level engagement.
Great point Robert. I would also add that in our virtual world, there is rarely ever the "fear factor" present that governs a lot of what a pilot does in actual combat and that has a lot to do with how a person does in the virtual world.That, and the absence of any G's to deal with!!
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Cool restoration project:

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Originally Posted by Barrett_g View Post


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Originally Posted by BoNidle View Post
The highest scoring USAAF Fighter Group in the ETO was the 56th, and they never gave up their P-47's.

The Jug could more than hold its own in a dogfight, like any weapon you just have to know how to use it effectively.

B'n'Z, no turning fights, get low and slow and you're dead. Simple.

On the other hand, German ace Gunter Rall had a very unpleasant experience at the hands of the 56th at low level.

Yeah I love that painting
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A bug in the FM:

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Field modified clipped wing.
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Originally Posted by Yo-Yo View Post
They didn't have any paper to make a paper airplane, so they had to prove their theories the hard way.
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BTW, is the P-47 going at cruise already :-) ?

Really looking fwd into it... After a hiatus ( as usual ) I'm back... Visited the other temptations, enjoyed some of the aspects, but in the end I'm always reminded of such "basic" stuff as the need for rudder, the natural need to use it, without starring at the turn coordinator, and other subtleties that really make the accuracy of flight reproduction in DCS different, for the better...

The P-47s I tried didn't convince me... I'll wait for this one.

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p-47, ww2

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