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Question Expanding the serial number range

Having done some research on Spitfire LF MkIXc's, with the Merlin 66, operating in June & July 1944 in Normandy, I note that the following serial number ranges were present for this model of Spitfire : MH, MJ, MK, ML, NH, PK, PL, PT, PV.
However in the board number box in the load out menu we are limited to 6 characters, 3 for the squadron 2 letter code & aircraft letter and 3 digits for the serial number, with MH inserted by default as a prefix to the serial number.

Example of current situation : entering LOD526 in the board number = LO°D MH526 on the skin.

I wonder if ED would consider adding two characters to this field so that users could replace the default MH serial prefix ? (without having to create new skins).

It would be a real plus for those squads who would like to re-enact missions of the era and who like to fly in historically accurate markings.

What do the rest of you think about this ?

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Hint; try typing LODMK526 int the serial field and see what occurs...
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I've been able to add non-MH serials simply by typing the entirety of what I want displayed. E.g. "JXBPK123." Works just fine for me.
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Thanks guys. Egg on my face ! I didn't realize that the default MH which appears when the field is empty got overwritten when you added more than three characters in the serial number.

So a customer need well anticipated by ED !

I trust that my post is nevertheless of use to those who are looking for appropriate serial number ranges for the Normandy landings period.
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Please delete.
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