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Default Accurate map for DCS 2.5 Caucasus theatre

After more than a year of hard work, here's a brand new accurate map for the DCS 2.5 Caucasus theatre. It was created to replace the good old -but obsolete- TC-1 map. Have fun with it.

V1.0 (2019-06-23) - Printable and accurate map for DCS 2.5 Caucasus theatre - GeoTIFF format

NEW! Here's the webmap :

Here are the vector data that were used to draw this map. Feel free to make your own maps, as long as you distribute them for free.

You can also find a compressed version of this map in the fantastic CombatFlite app by Viper39.


This is not a real-life Caucasus map. This is a printable and accurate map for DCS 2.5 Caucasus theatre. It only shows what exists in the game, be it roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, coastline, urban areas, forests, bridges...

I dedicate this map to the mission creators out there. May it serve them well.

This map is brought to you as a very large GeoTIFF image. You can:
* Open it with any powerful image editor (The GIMP, Photoshop...).
* Open it with any powerful GIS editor (Quantum GIS, ArcGIS...) as a raster.

It is also available in a lower quality on the CombatFlite app by Viper39.

* Urban, vegetation and water areas were extracted from a HUGE image composed of screenshots of the DCS mission editor.
* Rivers were all drawn by hand, one by one. Yes.
* Roads and railroads were drawn by AI Humvees, thanks to a MOOSE script by Hardcard.
* Relief shadows are from the ASTER GDEM.
* Town labels and beacons are from ingame LUA files.
* Airbases were drawn by hand.
* Bridges were generated through SQL scripting.
* Tunnels were drawn by hand.

If you see any error or missing part, or even if you wish to see some information added, please PM me on the ED forum (user "Flappie").

BaD_CrC, who's been supporting me from the beginning of the project
All the others who kept encouraging me on the forums : davidp57, BlacleyCole, FoxDelta, M1Combat, rajdary, deep...
Hardcard for his "Google car" scripting wisdom and the MOOSE community in general
Viper39 for his incredible CombatFlite app
Last but not least, Eagle Dynamics for their wonderful simulator. I was hooked since 2003 and I don't plan to leave.

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