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Default Mission 2 Stutter


first of all, thanks for the great campaign. As far as I have seen, it looks great (The Intro of Mission 2 is really cool ;o)).

But to the reason of my posting.
I tried to play the second mission now almost 30 times. Everytime the same behavior.

I start, fly to WP2 and orbit there. The Helis go further and mark their position with blue smoke.
After a few seconds they mark the po with red smoke. Next call - gunfire. Next call - rockets
The next call is a request for a low alt overflight. The copy to this request is scripted.

A few seconds after the last call, my framerate drops constantly down to zero.
They climb up again every 5 secs to 4-5 frames and fall then down to 0 again.

I have to say that my pc is not the fastest, but until now I could play every campaign (Red Flag with ~70 planes in Air) without troubles.

What have I tied:
Stable and Beta.
set graphics settings to low
use ProcessLasso to pin DCS to some specific Cores and all other processes to the other cores.
let all visuals (MFCD,Laser..) disabled (found in forum).
searched the DCS log.

all witout luck..

But I don't think that it is really a performance lag of my hardware, because that happend some times before, then fps drops for a sec or two but not this hard.
At least I removed the Process Lasso, use medium Graphics and set maxfps to 32.
During the whole flight i I used taskmanager on my 2. screen to monitor the system.
CPU between 18% and 25%
GPU between 40% and 60% peak 70%
VRAM: ~4050MB
Disk: nothing

AMD Phenom x6 @3GHz
Nvidia1050ti 4G

I don't know, if this is the right place for this problem, but for me, it seems a little "mission triggered".

Hope anyone have an hint/fix.

Thank you
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Not sure bro, maybe hardware limitations.
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I have tested the mission my side and I don’t seem to have any issues.

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thanks for your replies...

yes, I thought the same. That's the reason why I set almost everything to low and pin the fps to 32.
And I can't see any kind of spike on the taskmanager or gpu monitor when the fps starts to drop.
The very reverse happen, the cpu & gpu drops like fps..

yes, i followed this forum for a while and if my problem would be a "normal" bug I'll be sure I had read here about it.

A new Pc (and the new windows installation) comes not before 3 or 4 months, so I have to find another solution...

But thanks for helping & testing
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