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Default Control Settings Not Sticking

Since the Update and/or Hot Fix (I don't know which because I flew only after both), first of all, all of my Stick/Hotas settings were all muffed up AND I was unable to successfully IMPORT my Saved Configuration Settings.

But the BIG ISSUE is that now I reprogram/set everything the way I like and while it seems fine on the ground, as soon as I get in the air, the settings seem to go all to hell.

For example, I have a switch to change Seats between Pilot and CoPilot. It has worked for years. But now as soon as I'm flying it either no longer works OR Pilot Seat switch position moves me to CoPilot and then I can't get back (without using the keyboard) OR instead of switching seats, it starts to Dispense Flares which is on a completely different Hotas Switch (like I've done for Years).

My AutoPilot Hotas settings appear to work fine in the Options/Hotas Config thingy, but they don't work at all in the Gazelle (any model) any more.

In fact, if the Gazelle was useless before it is Extremely Useless Now !

@PolyChop - Please fix this thing soon.
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