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Originally Posted by Esac_mirmidon View Post
Im interested in eveyones opinion.

Nobody is useless here.
...unless he provides completely off-topic replies. It's a clear-cut case here - the topic is about speed and speed only. We've got Yo-Yo's reference chart showing how the speed graph for the DCS Mustang looked like in 1.2.xx and IF the plane doesn't match this performance for whatever reason in 1.5.xx or 2.1.xx (we don't know if Yo-Yo's chart is for radiator closed or auto), we'd love to hear some feedback from devs anyway.

Discussions about 72" MAP clearance don't belong here - anyone's free to bump one of the old, "dead horse" threads on the subject (if Sith didn't close all of them that is); and surely neither do any discussions about maneouvrablity.
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Staying on topic is important.

Beeing kind with each others also.

You can say the same with a simple " please stay on topic. Thanks"
" You must think in russian.."

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Originally Posted by Zimmerdylan View Post
I have never seen a deader horse beaten harder or more deader.
I have not been flying the 51 lately so I cannot comment on the meat and potatoes of this thread.

That said, I had a great belly laugh when I read Zimmerdylan's comment.
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