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Gunnars Driver
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I think your CPU should be good, and dont bottleneck totally, at least not with rhe right settings.
What VR-headset do you use ?

Start with checking the CPU temp and that it actually runs at 4.7ghz all the time during gaming.

What pixeldensity are you running ?
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For the Reverb I have my settings tuned for 45 fps at low level/complex areas and the frame interpolation will double the frames up to 90 perceived by your eyes. Although I have read some posts where people tune for 30/60. I might try that soon and see how it looks.
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You guys aren't gonna believe how I fixed this. I actually stumbled on this by accident. I installed the Updater utility mod today so i could switch between VR and non VR, I had the non VR version set to max settings with a resolution of 2560 x 1440P. Somehow, the non VR settings loaded up on the VR version and BOOM!- nearly flawless. I turned down the MSAA down to 2x and set the SSAA to 1.5 and now it's smooth as butter. I'm assuming it must be something with the resolution. So if anyone else is having this issue, set your resolution to 2560 x 1440P (even in VR) and that may make the difference. i know it did for me!
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Originally Posted by Svsmokey View Post
Did you use DDU to install latest Nvidea drivers ?
How about your power supply ?
Erm, don't use DDU. It's not 2005.
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Originally Posted by GunSlingerAUS View Post
Erm, don't use DDU. It's not 2005.

Sometimes, it still makes a difference tho for normal updates you are right.
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