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Default Dawn raiders - navigation problem

I have a strange problem, when flying this mission. There are 2 targets in this mission, the first at steerpoint 3, the second at steerpoint 4. I reach waypoint 3, destroy the first target, switch to steerpoint 4, but the steerpoint 4 has the same location like the steerpoint 3. When I open this mission in mission editor, everything is correct, steerpoint 4 has different location than steerpoint 3. I don´t know, what´s the problem.
Thanks for advice.
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I don't know the mission, are you using the TGP and swapping steerpoints while the TGP is running and you're in CCRP AG mode? In the above scenario there is a bug that will move the next steerpoint to wherever the TGP is currently looking. Way around this is to use the bomb mode switch (nose wheel steering button) to swap to CCIP mode, Swap the steerpoint and then go back to CCRP and it should slave to the new point without altering the SP location.
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