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Default Why are the cockpits so dark

Very frustrating looking around to see nearly every thing in cockpit is black or very dark its hard locating things in the pitch black even with night vision and lights on .
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Next update will fix it
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In what module it gets fixed?
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Harrier screenshots have been shared by the team, I don't know if the Mirage will get an update as well. I won't lie, it could be nice to see something from the panels.
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No it won't. Fix it in next update has been a standard line, from everybody in software development.
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At least for the MIrage are user files with a brighter cockpit available.
Don't know if the designer run their gamma settings on +5 or so, it is really dark...
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So, artificial light in DCS is terribly unrealistic now!
Headlights most of crafts are deadly weak! excluding MiG-21.
Including AV-8
Cockpits illumination is crap!
Dark painted metal is real dark!
How long these things are gonna last?
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