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You know, if you look in the User download section of the DCS website, you can download updated sounds created by forum members which are really good. Try those and see if they float your boat. They are better than the originals. I don't fly online so I don't know if they break IC.
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Originally Posted by 112th_Rossi View Post
This is an open post, to which I hope RAZBAM will take note of and perhaps do something about in future updates of their products. And yes I know, early access blah blah, but the point remains...

For the Harrier, the M2000C and now the MiG-19, the overall quality and immersion of the sounds of these modules is, to be frank, poor.

When creating simulations we are aiming in general for something to be as realistic as possible. Because a simulation cannot fully realise the sensation of the real thing, the things we can simulate accurately have to be all the more realistic. For example, while flying a jet in DCS we do not have the sensation of movement, nothing much can be done about that, we do not have the sense of smell, again nothing can be done. But we do have other senses we can use. Sight and Sound. For the former we can employ great graphics and rendering to make things look as real as possible and RAZBAM have done an excellent job in this respect. However, the next sense, sound is whats immersion breaking. In the absence of some of the major senses, these two have to be extra special.

As it stands, the sounds of the Harrier are 'OK' however, the main engine sound has a distinct seam at where the loop occurs. This sounds horrible. Also, the start up and in cockpit ambient sounds are really bad too. In the end I created a mod to improve this ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3300537/ ).

The M2000C is almost as bad, terrible start up ambiance, some kind of sonic boom sound when the afterburner ignites (which is not realistic at all). As for the MiG19, well, ok it's early but it's still bad.

As stated before, the importance of creating immersive atmosphere relies heavily on exciting the senses available to use in the simulation. It is not an after thought. The simulation goes above just the systems and modelling, its the way it feels. At the moment, RAZBAM lack behind the likes of ED (F18 etc) and HB (F14) for general feel.

Please look to change and improve these aspects and don't rely on the community to fix them.


What are you comparing these "non-realistic" sounds to? Is it just a feeling or thought of how you think it should be or because you've sat in any cockpit and heard them?
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Originally Posted by mr_mojo97 View Post
You know, if you look in the User download section of the DCS website, you can download updated sounds created by forum members which are really good. Try those and see if they float your boat. They are better than the originals. I don't fly online so I don't know if they break IC.
Nothing wrong with audio samples them selves , its the way they are implemented , for example...most ED aircraft have some audio set aside for when the aircraft is moving aka you cannot hear these samples when the aircraft is stationary they creep in as the speed of the aircraft increases this gives or can give a better rendition of the difference in sound an aircraft has when its passing through the air , for example listen to a real spitfire doing a engine run up and then listen to one doing a flyby they dont sound the same do they .... which is the opposite of what we have going on hear and for that matter also over at Heatblur . Nice collection of audio samples but you have to put some time and skill into making them work in a realistic fashion

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So to sum it up, we need a "as much as realistic, as possible" sound in cockpit, with earprotection and a flight helmet on, while giving audible feedback for buttons, but not in an unrealistic manner. In addition when you are teleporting outside the cockpit in mid air like you do on every flight in real life, it should sound total real as well. And on the ground, also full realistic, but more like in the YouTube videos, as most of us haven't had the original planes standing a couple meters away without earprotection... if at all, they got near enough to judge the real thing.
Sounds like a challenge to the developers?

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As for the Mig19,what you hear is the wind, the faster you go, louder it gets.(In cockpit) In air, just before stall etc you hear nothing, no wind, no engine. Don't know if this is real, but it sounds weird.
To be honest I didn't like it in the beginning, but now ... it gives you a feel of what speed you are doing.

Only thing really bothering me in the mig19 is, you don't hear the afterburner in the cockpit. I would imagine, even with helmet on, even with micro etc on, you hear the afterburner in a plane like the mig.
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Although in real life you can’t hear the sound of switches (headset, noise) I think in the sim you should hear it. It gives you feedback if the switch was toggled or not or the button clicked.
Mouse is not enough. In RL you feel the switch going into position. Many switches are made to give you some kind of reassurance that are in place, like notched plates.
In the sim you don’t have it.
I like HB F14 because of that, it gives you feedback. I like F18 even more, but the switches are not so audible.
In the F14 the sound of the avionics is the same as for the Viggen.
But I agree that RAZBAM must developed better audio.
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