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Originally Posted by C_Dub73 View Post
Interested to know if there are any New Zealand/Australian based squadrons?


There's the VRACG (the squadron I'm in and I recommend you join )
There's also AEF 161 and OCG. If there are any other major ones I'd be interested to know as well.

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Originally Posted by C_Dub73 View Post
Interested to know if there are any New Zealand/Australian based squadrons?

AEF 161 do a range of flying in different airframes, both fixed wing and rotary (occassionally) as the demand requires (DDCS missions etc)

229AHB is US based however there is a healthy / active contingent of C Coy participants (Asia/Pacific) who fly mostly Helicopters; Huey mostly, but also Mi-8, ka-50 and gazelle, with the occassional foray into the fixed wing real, mostly in CAS roles (A-10C, AV-8B & FA-18 ) however there are a few who tinker with other platforms as well.

Not forgetting the long running 62nd Fighting Falcons that started as a LAN group flying the SU27 v1.5.... in Brisbane 20 years ago and many of the original members are still there and going strong. They moved to Falcon 4 for a while then when DCS matured they moved simulation. They fly numerous fixed wing platforms enjoying vintage jets as well as modern fighters.

There are some very talented lads in these groups, you wont struggle for find some excellent resources to tap into their collective knowledge bases and improve the quality of your flying and enjoyment.

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Strangereal World War
"Does the color of the sky mean anything to you?"

Strangereal World War is a PvP-oriented DCS community, bringing the
world and lore from the Ace Combat series that everyone knows and
loves into DCS World. Currently the server is home to 100+ people in
total, distributed among 7 player factions and 11 squadrons that fight in
the deep dark blue skies. Each day we are expanding our playerbase,
feel free to join the fun! We accept all pilots of all backgrounds and skill
levels, whether hardcore or casual, as well as differing regions.

Our community is also filled with talented content creators who are
continually creating skins and background lore inspired by the Ace Combat series.

There are currently 7 factions fighting in the server
in a daily power struggle, each with their own
squadrons with different attributes, strengths, and

Current Factions and Squadrons (Primary airframes indicated within parenthesis)

  • Osea - [414th]JFG (F/A-18C), Spare (Whatever we can manage to put into the air...)
  • Erusea - Sol (Su33), Skoll (Su27), Rigel (J11A/Mig29)
  • Belka - Schnee (F-14B)
  • Yuktobania - Molot (Su25A/T), Serp (Su-27)
  • ISAF - Omega (M-2000C)
  • Emmeria - 621st TFS "Fennec" (A-10C, AV-8B)
  • Estovakia - Strigon Team (Su-33)
Interested? Looking for others to fly with? Come check our community discord out and say hi! Discord: https://discord.gg/2PYqGZT
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Default The State Military

Hi everyone,

Wanted to post a new opportunity for anyone looking to join a DCS milsim lite group. This is The State Military. The State is the beginning of a gaming community with multiple offerings, including a civil airline (SimBuddy via XP11, P3D or FSX), an open, moderated gaming lounge and of course, a DCS military group assembled to include multiple branches and by extension, squadrons.

The State Military is designed to prioritize flexibility, making available several role-based opportunities, such as human JTAC, GCI, ATC and so on, to allow pilots to experience the same, dynamic battlefield in new ways on a mission-by-mission basis. We are 10 strong at this moment and all of us are experienced in DCS and in milsim groups. We have all participated in other wings and milsim groups in the past.

With little tolerance for flashy egos, negativity, exclusion and the like, we place a high priority on positive attitudes and finding people who are a good fit in the group. Most of us are 30 or older, but we're open to making all kinds of new friends.

We are well-organized and well-financed, running a custom website and a rock solid, 24/7 OVH server. Like most groups here, we provide the necessary training and will be patient with people who try hard and commit to a learning attitude.

We are in open recruitment right now and the doors will close (training begins) Sept. 1. We are recruiting pilots for the F-18C, F-14B and the AV-8B. We will also take anyone who wishes to be dedicated to our ground operations (1st MRB).

If any or all of this sounds fun or if you have any questions, please visit our website, join our Discord, PM me here or send an e-mail to me directly at info@statelyfe.com.

(Assembled quickly from some clips I had lying around from us warming up the past few weeks)
The State Military (CVW-17)

F-14B BuNo 161435

CAPT J. "Poe" Rasmussen

Specs: GA-Z270XP-SLI; i7-7700K; EVGA GTX 1080 SC2 iCX; 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4; Samsung 960 EVO Series M.2 SSD; WIN10; ASUS VG248QE; CV-1 and Index
Modules: A-10C; AV8B; CA; FC3; F-5; F-14; F-18; F-86; HAWK; L-39; P-51; UH1H; NTTR; Normandy; Persian Gulf

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Do you want to have fun? Based in Europe? Don't want TOO many rules or be REQUIRED to attend events? This is the sqn for you!
We have a dedicated server up 24/7 waiting for YOU....
1. No rank structure, earn respect
2. No mandatory events, no pressure
3. Must already be able to actually start and fly your aircraft competently
4. Must be in roughly the same time zone (Europe) or, be prepared to fly at unsociable hours
5. Blue aircraft ASM and PFM or EFM only, red aircraft any
6. Missions will be as historically accurate to aircraft type as possible, (no mixing F-86 Sabers or spitfires with F18's, etc)
7. No overly complex missions where nobody actually understands what all the objectives are (KISS)
8. Must be slightly OCD when it comes to aircraft and systems

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/TwkZky9

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Cheers! I'll have a look...
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Hey guys im looking for a realistic A-10C training squadron any help i can get im in EU time zone i already learned aircraft/weapons fundamentals just need someone to fly with often
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Try us, we're still building membership.

Join us on Discord:
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Windows 10 64 bit | Intel i5-9600k OC 5 Ghz | RTX 2080 |VENGEANCE® LPX 32GB DDR 4 OC 3200

Hotas Warthog | Logitech G Flight Rudder Pedals | Track IR 4
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75th Fighter Squadron "Tiger Sharks" forming.

The Tiger Sharks will be primarily an attack squadron with a secondary air-to-air mission. The unit will fly fast jets such as the F-5 and the F-16 in the ground attack role.

We have a 24/7 dedicated training server with TACVIEW integrated.

If interested, jump on the server or the discord and shoot me a message.


Dedicated DCS server "Eagles Nest", SRS auto
Discord https://discord.gg/WCFzyc3
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCim...XyaggaTe-ZSj-g

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In preparation for the release of the F-16C Viper the DCS CVW-13 Wildcats are setting up the 22d & 23d Fighter Squadron from the 52d Operations Group. We're a Europe based squadron and fly in Central European Time. We also fly the F/A-18C in our VFA-27 squadron and the F-14B in our VF-302 squadron. Even though we have a lot of fun our primary focus is on realistic tactics and procedures. We have a training programme that all pilots go through, the pace of which depends on your skill level when you enter. We are always accepting more people in our community so feel free to join our discord and we'll help you by joining our ever growing squadron. There is also a 52d Operations Group channel available if you feel a need to vent about Viper related subjects!

Requirements: SRS, Persian Gulf, english speaking
All squadrons play and train Mon, Wed, Sat 1800Z

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/s5qM5P7

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Name:	20190726101245_1.jpg
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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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