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There doesn't seem to be much freely available info about the aoa sensor, but I've been reading it's spring centered, could be different on other types though.
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Why should there be any reason to center it? It is centered by the airstream as soon as the aircraft moves fast enough so that AoA becomes relevant. It basically is a little wing (or a cone) hinged to a potentiometer. These probes are the same on every aircraft, they move freely with little resistance, are most certainly not centered by springs or anything because it makes no sense, the vane type is balanced.

And you should keep in mind that the probe does not move in flight, the aircraft moves around it while it remains steady in the relative wind. That is how AoA sensing works.

Little anectode: The Eurofighter has a more sophisticated systems consisting of four transducers mounted under the nose. They work the same way, but there are problems if two aircraft taxi too close to one another and the probes get caught in the jet blast. They can be pushed to extreme angles and get stuck, which of course results in a ground abort.
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