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Why not have an A-10C (or other Jet Attack aircraft) fleet supplemented by cheaper Light Attack aircraft?
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Originally Posted by Dr.SquirrelBoy12 View Post
First of all, the A-29 does not use APKWS. They use a Turkish system that effectively works the same way as APKWS.

And we've been told they have access to the A-29 simulator. Why would they still be using a 2003 simulator in 2017+? I think it is more likely than not that the A-29 that is going to be modeled will be after 2007.
AFAIK, Lebanon Air Force uses them on their A-29, even made some live fire demonstrations.
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shouldn't look at it as a replacement for the A-10. It is more closely a replacement for scout Heli's with a small helping of A-10 like support.

Without pulling the numbers I would imagine a Super T. is cheaper to maintain than say the now retired Kiowas.
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I would imagine the the Super T operates from a much less improved airstrip. A big plus when talking about low intensity warfare, for lack of a better term.
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