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Originally Posted by Charly_Owl View Post
Updated Mirage guide. There could still be some small mistakes but so far, I think I should have the following up-to-date:

-Nav tutorials
-Magic II and Super 530 tutorials
-Air-to-Air gun procedure updated
-Air-to-Air refueling switch updated
-Typos fixed
Un grand merci !
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Just a quick note to show our updated Chuck's Guide library update:

Of interest mainly regarding DCS here (obviously ) but all the other guides are collected together as well.

Thanks to Charly_Owl for working with us on this and for the awesome guides.
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Thank you so much for all this effort Chuck, these are amazing and you are awesome man!
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Thank you for your work.
Much appreciated.
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Blessings to you For the incredible amount of work you've done... Guys like you add to the enjoyment of flying the Sims rather than listening to those who have nothing to do but complain about the problems...
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First off, a HUGE thank you to Chuck for all the work done on these guides. I am getting back into DCS after about a 5 year hiatus (real world conflicts). Anyway, ahead of a major computer upgrade for World 2.5 and the Hornet module, I want to get back into the swing of things and fly the A10C.

That all being said, I downloaded the A10 guide and considered getting it printed. Has anyone done this? Since the guide is done in powerpoint the actual printed PDF is 14x11.5. I thought about printing on regular (8.5x11) paper but am concerned about losing detail as images and text compress to fit a smaller form factor.

If others have done this, could you share your experiences - would you do it again with a new guide from Chuck? IDK, maybe I just keep it electronic and leverage his work that way.

FWIW, I didn't see this question anywhere else in this thread. Hopefully this wasn't discussed elsewhere.


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Did it on A4, did not notice it had to be bigger papir...
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Chuck love your tutorials. they help a lot thats why I'm asking this. would it be possible to get you to to do a couple more on the following:

A). Mission Editor
B). lus scripting for dcs missions
C). Voice Attack

I understand today your tutorials have all been learning to fly the different aircraft. but there is a second and third level to flying a dcs mission. but there's more to it than operating the aircraft you need a mission once you manage the aircraft then voice attack is more an easy/realistic way to communicate in dcs from the you tube video I watched. but it was so fast pace that unless I watched it 10 times pausing it and writing the info down I still might miss something like I have and your approach to these tutorials are surpurb. please do it.
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@BlacleyCole I don't really have an interest in doing guides for those subjects, sorry. Chaps at the MOOSE project do it much better than me already

Also: Updated Spitfire and P-51 guides with overall improvements and a new section on supercharger operation.

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