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Default Confessions of a new pilot...

I feel there's mileage to be had in sharing beginner mistakes. Either in learning from others or in group amusement...

I'll start.

Messing around on blue flag a few nights ago, I was attempting to sneak up to a Farp and inconvenience it through the medium of high explosives. On the second attempt (the first was cut short when I was spotted by an F15...), I managed to get nicely set up behind a ridge and actually blew some stuff up.

Overwhelmed with confidence I attempted to bound forward to the next ridge for a different angle. Went too fast, had to pull up hard to avoid overflying the ridge, didn't balance with enough left rudder as I dropped the collective, and sliced hard right to plunge sideways into trees, the ground, and an ignoble, firey death.

So far the ground is by far and away my most dangerous opponent.
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The problem with the ground is, its a pretty consistent killer Guns/Missiles can miss, the ground doesnt tend to...
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the Art of flying is to throw yourself at the ground................................and miss
well known saying from very wise?
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