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Default New Just got Black Shark and need help with bindings

I just got the KA-50 Black Shark and am at a loss as to what I need to set on my X52 pro for it.

Does anyone have bindings for it for my X 52 pro that will get me started on it. I have watched some great videos but cannot find one that helps me more with the X52 pro.

Seems like most are for the warthog etc. and for the X 55 Rhino. When I get rich and can afford it I will get one but for now I am stuck the the Old X 52 pro.

Also If I download some .LUA files for it where do I put them to use them or check them out? same with the X 52 .Pro files... I cannot remember where they are suppose to go.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have watched a lot of videos and Grim Reaper is a great help but I got lost trying to follow his video as my stick is not the same.

Thank You All for the help... And yes I know there are a lot of you professionals out there who are just going to say ... do it and learn on your own... instead of trying to really help someone..

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haha, let me say it, do it and learn on your own, jokes aside. I have done the binding all by myself on my TM T16000M HOTAS. Well, I had the Ka50 for a while before buying the HOTAS so I knew what I needed to bind. Now I don't have the time to talk about the necessary bindings, but I will come later and tell you all you need to fly it, without lifting your hands from the HOTAS. Cheers
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Take a look in the Input & Output section of the forum. Especially the thread Profiles directory (HOTAS, TrackIR, TouchBuddy, VAC etc.) should be a good starting point. The X52 is still fairly common, I'm sure there are many profiles.

On a more general note, for starters you really only need the axes and the trim button. All the rest, like slewing the Shkval, using Route Mode and Auto Hover, dispensing countermeasures, and so on, can come later.

Basically, you'll want:

Stick left/right: Flight Control Cyclic Roll
Stick forward/aft: Flight Control Cyclic Pitch
Stick twist: Flight Control Rudder
Throttle: Flight Control Collective

If you take a look at the Ka-50 manual, the pages "Cyclic Control Stick" and "Collective Control stick" show in detail how the Kamov designers assigned various functions. That's always a great starting point, even if you use a pre-built profile.
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I do not have the X52, I am using the Warthog setup instead, but with similar practice, I recommend you to bind up everthing as you want.

Instead of using another peoples bindings, you should bind it up yourself; you will then remember the bindings much better.

My procedure was to have an empty image-representation of my joystick setup (you can easily find one on the internet), which I then edit in Gimp, and saving it, using it as a reference when not remembering the bindings. I would recommend to place the bindings as close as you can matching the real thing.

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I noticed personally that I get best results on my hotas when I bind it from scratch on my own. I also noticed that after some time I like to rebind some keys when I see better how I am flying that module and what I need to use more often and what not.
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I have a Thrustmaster t16000m flight pack, but I agree the best option is to create a setup that fits your own needs. My advice is to find a good spot between a "as close as possible to the real thing" configuration and your hotas ergonomics. Start setting the axis: cyclic (stick), collective (throttle) and rudder (pedals, if you have). Then you absolutely need the trim button, choose a big one and easily accessible on the stick. After that you should consider the real thing hotas commands, and set those on your hotas, close to their position in the real thing but also considering their effective utility: on the real hotas, for example, there's a button on the stick to illuminate cockpit instruments: maybe you don't need it on your hotas, unless you have many keys left. As a last step, you shoud consider those commands that are not on the real hotas but that are useful during maneuvers or in combat: engines rpm levers, autopilot channels, auto turn on target, helmet sight, ground moving target button, targeting reset button, landing gear lever, countermeasures start and stop buttons.
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bindings, ka-50 black shark, x 52-pro

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