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The controls lock is funny, locks up than if I release the stick and do one or two trims it will trim and you have control again.
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yep same here, does not happen every flight, but it seems to lock for what 15 seconds?
thing that gets me is the shark was the first module? and we are still having problems which it seems like are not going to be fixed, it must be replicable not just the consumers pcs
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I took the Ka-50 over Vegas and could lock onto anything out there. Shkval behaved as usual.

hmmm ?
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Default changed controller to Belkin-n52te

I've been flying BS2 for a short time now and at first I had problems with
the shkval slew sticking and not moving where I wanted it to go.
This was with the slew control mapped to a joystick hat switch (logitec extreme pro 3D). Yes that's right I was flying with two joysticks, I am not exactly Mr. big bucks.
I changed my weapons control device from a joystick to an old Belkin-n52te and now my shkval slew control is as smooth as butter.
The n52te has a polling rate selector for speed of 125hz to 1000hz.
I have mine set at 125hz.
I don't know if this polling really has any effect but since I changed my weapons control to the n52te it's been no problems with weapons control.
It's my flying that's not up to spec at this time yo.
I am really loving this shark and can't wait to create a battle for an oil refinery against some nasty western imperialists.

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Been flying the shark since it was released, I also get the wanderinf flew sometimes
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Weird. I never get this. I fly only the Black Shark 2 in DCS 2.5.

Just for info: I have Warthog, but have disabled the joystick-knob on the throttle. Too sensitive and useless. Only use one the thumb buttons on the cyclic (the ribbed one).

You guys sure, you haven't enabled a target in the PVI-800 or and Datalink Ingress target? The Shkval will react to this.
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