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Default DCS SimPit facebook group?

Greetings friends.

I've always been pretty anti-Facebook but this past year I've learned that "Facebook Groups" can be a fantastic resource. I've joined various simulator groups and a couple of DCS World groups and I've really been enjoying them.

I'd love to have a group to chat about DCS simulator cockpits, share our builds, and help one another with advice. I would expect this group to probably stay pretty small, and I'm not at all sure there will be any interest but I created it to see if anyone chooses to join up.

I'm looking for you guys to submit images I may use for the group banner art at the top of the page. The ideal size is 1640 x 856 My cockpit build is not far enough along to provide an attractive banner for the group so for now the banner is just the default one from Facebook.

I'd also be very happy for any volunteers to moderate and manage the group if it gets to where there are more members than just me.

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dcsworldsimpits/

Demo of my 6DOF Motion VR Sim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gYiSBwy0t0

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Hum a page about building Cockpits for DCS think it has been done before. Hence the name Home cockpits. Just saying plus there are all ready several cock builder groups on FB
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problem with FB groups demonstrated in two comments: Discover-ability.

I didn't know about either of these groups and I'm a part of at least two other sim building groups myself, though I focus mostly on forums and discords as it's easier to find posts and follow discussions.
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I thought that was the purpose of this forum. Trip I could be confused but when I first started dcs I thought you had a motion huey pit
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