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Default How much?!?!?!

$70 prebuy??? I hope it's worth it!
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We're eventually getting the A and we're also getting new assets along with two mini campaigns.

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Compared with the us$2,500 that costs the PC needed to run the game, us$70 is almost nothing ... and it is in fact the most important piece, the rig is useless without great software.
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I was actually hoping for Heatblur to sell it at $99 (release, not pre-purchase); if you look at the stuff that's out for FSX or P3D, $69 is really inexpensive, considering the hundreds of hours of enjoyment we will get from that module.

Also, as mentioned above, the hardware we buy on a (more or less) regular basis to "play" these modules is what's really expensive here.

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I also think the price is closer to cheaper than to a expensive. As a guy said up here, we are getting the A and nice assets. I wuold say its actually a really nice quality-price relation.
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Would of paid $100 right off the bat and my machine will probably melt at it's amazing 20 fps.

Paid $93 (AU) for it as it is now, got to love the Australian dollar.
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The prices are understandably creeping up but for me, we're now in the territory where it's high enough that I won't auto-throw money at modules.

I think there should be a greater incentive to buy modules during EA rather than just pre-purchase since we effectively fund the completion of the module and the start of the next one in many cases.
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Um, no, you don't need a 2500 dollar PC to run this game, you can make do with much older and less powerful systems, in fact many of us do. Trying to price folks out of the hobby is a bad thing by trying to insinuate you need thousands worth of hardware. That scares new folks off and flatly isn't true.

As to the folks wishing the price were higher, I'm going to cordially tell you to go soak your head and stop again, trying to price people out of the hobby.

The current price is fine as we're getting 1.5 planes out of it, so we're not in crazy territory for pricing. 20 bucks over the normal price is alright given that fact as well as the Forrestal we're getting. We're getting a decent content to dollar ratio here.
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Originally Posted by Tirak View Post
Um, no, you don't need a 2500 dollar PC to run this game
No your right you need a NASA one
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I find these arguments that DCS is getting too expensive pretty invalid. Most civilian simulators price the same for their big ticket modules, if not more. And they are one trick ponies, get you from point A to point B. DCS is pricing its big ticket modules at less or the same (if you take into account pre-purchase discount) and they do multiple things (multiple weapons, sensors etc.). If you ask me, cash for value is much greater on the DCS modules then any other. But then again, if you dont have too much to spare I guess you chose the wrong hobby.
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