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« Feel » can mean at least two things; the purely physical feeling of bodily fluids slushing about...and the rapid almost sub conscious evaluation and appropriate reaction to the only inputs we have, sight and sound...without fluids is still part of « feel » of flying in an aircraft.

If you have ever flown as as pilot of any real aircraft, heli or whatever you know the fluids part and both other inputs too.

There is still quite a bit of « feel » in sight and sound conbined to reflexes developped through learning, and succesfully so, to be quite the learning tool.

But you must understand what you are missing in any sim by getting some experience of really flying an aircraft by yourself.

Then, and only then can simulators like DCS really be training tools.

But learning the systems alone will speed you through flight school. In my day (as a student pilot at 17, a long long time ago...), the first time you climbed in the cockpit (Cherokee in my case) was the first time you saw your dashboard...with so many could only get a pretty bad black and white picture to study...
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Thanks for sharing this mod Petsild, a great help.
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If you play with a CV1 you can easily appreciate your approach speed without reading the intruments.
Impossible without a VR headset.
And the art of landing by plane and helicopter is to be able to see the angle of descent and its end point, depending on speed.
You know what you're missing?it's the HUD velocity vector that simbolizes that.
In a warbirds obviously it's a little less easy.
But just as we are in a simulator this speed is very quickly stored. A 3D software has limitations in what it can represent, and even with all the programming tips does not faithfully reproduce the actual flight.
At the end of a moment of play we notice that a certain stability appears at the moment of a particular configuration. And it is always at the moment when the ideal parameters are reunited. It is very sensitive to the landing at because of all the references available.
As our programmer friends have very well represented the sensitivity of the modules to speed, we see very quickly if we hold his glide slope or if it escapes us.
There is no hidden secret in a magic spell coming out of a book to make a successful landing, it's just a matter of training.
Still it is necessary as in real flight to make a number of turn of the tracks with complete landing, to acquire automatisms.To make with engine cut to see the angle of finesse max.
The problem is that few players agree, spend their time playing around an aerodrome to complete their experience, they prefer, and it is normal, to go as quickly as possible in aerial combat.It does not matter if when they back they wallow lamentably on the ground.

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get ikarus and avoid looking everywhere.

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Petsild nailed it! Thank you!

And then the whole discussion went completely off the rails (eyeroll).
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Thanks Petsild. A perfect solution - the authentic appearance of the needle is maintained, but it's now clearly visible (at long last!)
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Thank you Petsild! The IAS needle is finally visible even when it is in the dual scale area.
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I'm really pleased with how it helps, thank you all for the nice reactions.
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