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Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
It wasn't really up to every pilot to decide what their convergence should be. Maybe some COs and big aces, but mostly they had to work with what they had. t.
Because I am almost certain that's made up.
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Originally Posted by philstyle View Post
Because I am almost certain that's made up.
What Reflected said was what I understand the situation to be as well. There were more than one threads on this topic here a year or so ago.
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Originally Posted by Silver_Dragon View Post
Remember, in the Mi-8, the previously features as minelayer launcher equipment and bombing sight was deleted after release.

The clipped wing 3D model has actually into the game, that require a new FM by the different performance (better turn rate).
I cant believe the bombing sight was nerfed... I missed a whole lot of things apparently.

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Originally Posted by OperatorJack View Post
Gun convergence is such a convenient feature in every WW2 flight sim ever it baffles me how DCS just deliberately forgoes including it
Key word is "convenient", not "realistic". I live perfectly fine without a simmerism like that.

I can hardly imagine IRL ground crews were setting up custom convergence for every single airframe they work on. Especially since specific airframes didn't belong to the pilots themselves; any pilot could be flying any airframe within the same squadron. They were already busy enough as it is. Some famous pilots may have requested specific convergences but I don't think that was the norm at all. I've yet to find sources that claim that custom convergences were the norm for RAF squadrons.

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Default Convergence question

this is an interesting subject and one that is steeped in the unknown, anecdotes and little written facts. I did come across the following:

The mission of the RAF would be to intercept bomber attacks over England...and because of the distances involved, that tended to rule out the bombers being escorted by fighters. Few imagined that the Luftwaffe might operate from bases in France and the Low Countries, thereby permitting the use of fighters over England.

During 1940 the official standard for convergence was reduced to a more acceptable 250 yards, the RAF's sgt pilots were not allowed to change their guns settings.

However the officers were allowed to change the guns convergence, some of the higher scoring aces had their guns set to converge at 50 yards. (maybe 50 yards was the absolute minimum?)
source - http://www.rafcommands.com/archive/02487.php

There is a written description in the last post of this thread.

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Originally Posted by DeepDrummer View Post
Did the LF MK IX not have a latch to hold the brake lever?
Yes and this latch is (3D) modeled in DCS Spitfire, but their function/command is not programmed.

BTW - Until last update "Lubber Line" in compass still wrong, turning with Course Setter scale instead be fixed in 12:00 o'clock position.

From compass description in DCS Spit manual - under 'Navigation Equipment':

"Under the glass is the Lubber Line - a thin wire, against is set the compass rose. This line serve as index for determining the course.

What is impaired if the Lubber Line turn together with 'compass rose' (Course Setter), like happens actually.

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Thanks Sokol1_br. That is all good information. Much appreciated.
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How about we get the feature for those that want it, and then if you're too constrained by realism then just keep it set to the accepted historical value?
/да бойз/
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