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I have both, and love them. But I tend to fly the Mi-8 the most. she's an awesome beast.

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@msalama, couple of weeks............... I learnt the shark and the A10 in a day I really go to town by spending a day doing it straight off, I never easy start anything and have all modules learnt by heart, so yea cant wait, had a bit of a miss-hap this weekend so ill be getting her mid week I think.
do appreciate all the answers though...thank you
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"The DCS NS 430 currently available for DCS: Mi-8MTV2. DCS NS 430 licensing and distribution policy for other modules is being discussed and will be disclosed later. Belsimtek team"
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Yes, it is more complex to learn its systems, but when you master and understand its systems, the Mi8 is REALLY, REALLY interesting, rewarding and fun to fly. And, as Viktor told before, you will have no difficulty to adapt to the future Mi24 as both helicopters share a lot of stuff. Believe me, the hip is really worth to have !
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Originally Posted by Quadg View Post
that's like saying, i have the free su-25t, why buy any other modules..?
No it's not like saying that at all. No idea how you got it all misinterpreted like that. The point is the Mi-8 is way better than the Huey and having it is enough. Only emphasizing how great the Mi-8 is, according to my own judgement is all.
Then you said if I like helicopters I end up buying all 4. WRONG! I love helicopters more than you think to the extent I'm so finicky about the tiny little details that most don't even care about that I end up buying only 1-2 helicopters. The 4 helicopters we have so far in DCS are so different that if you like a specific style no way on earth you end up buying all unless they're all a bunch of flying bath tubs with rotos on top to you. Yes, I'm that fastidious when it comes to aviation.
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When I buying a helo, I was really split between the Mi-8 and the Huey, should have went for the Mi-8

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i choose the UH1H and for the future mi24
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I have both , I fly the mi-8 a LOT more than the huey
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Just pick one which you like more in real life.

Considering the Mi-8 I have to admint I'm biased as it's my favorite module in DCS, while Huey ended up one of those modules that I bought but never really got much into it.

Comparing Mi-8 to Huey
- Mi-8 stable in flight while Huey is rather twitchy
- with Mi-8 it's easier to develop into VRS and harder to recover from it which generally makes Huey easier and also faster to land.
- in Mi-8 gives an incredible fealing of inertia caused by the mass of the helicopter
- Mi-8 is more usefull in MP, in example Blue Flag: it's much faster, can take more armament and actually put some punch. It also doesn't suffer so much from being heavielly loaded like Huey does.
- Mi-8 stock campaign is one of the most immersive DCS campaigns. This doesn't mean that Huey stock campaign is bad but I found it a bit boring (maybe due to Huey being slow).
- Maybe a small thing but Mi-8 has wheels while Huey skids - in result it's easier to taxi to runway (Huey has to hover taxi). This difference also makes for a bit different takeoff and landing experience.
- Mi-8 is a graeat learning platform for future Mi-24.
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Originally Posted by smallberries View Post
The Gazelle? I had such hopes for the Gazelle.

But, I dust it off once in a very blue moon, just after the cow jumps over, and I remember....
Might be time to dust her off a lot has changed.
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