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Default Mi-8 Gunners without Hard-points and without cockpit Gun-sight?


Every time I want to have any gunner in the Mi-8 the hard-points are automatically set. And if I remove them the gunner will be remove automatically.

I will like to fly some missions of rescue or light support with this great helicopter, having, for example, only one offensive resource like a left gunner for example.

The only way until now is to use hard-points, even if the are going to be empty, is quite useless and aesthetically not cool, and it adds the gun-sight to the pilots cockpit, that is not very desirable neither.

Is there any option / work around to have a gunner with no hard-points and not pilot gun-sight?

If not... Is there any chance that this could be implemented in the module in the future?

Thank you very much

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No, the gunners are a weapon, and weapons are attached to hard-points (in this case, hard-points inside the aircraft).

In the future ? Who knows. As long as global warming doesn't leave us back in the stone ages, I guess there's a chance for anything to happen.
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I couldn't agree more. I wish we could have flares and wire strike protection without hard points in the huey too.

Speaking of flares, when are we getting RWR and chaff?
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I absolutely agree with this request!! It would also be nice to have in the Huey as well.
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