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I was wondering why my Spit switches gears above some altitudes
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Yesterday as I was descending from 20,000 ft. gently, I turned the Supercharger to M.S just to save wear and tear, heat and perhaps some fuel. Without being part of the flight model, I doubt it makes a difference. The auto goes to high in that mission at 16,500 feet.

One has to be aware of the fact that it will kick in at some point and if your throttle is pinned wide open which will only give around 8 boost psi as itr nears the auto-kick-in-altitude. before the supercharger switches to high gear. It can send it through the roof when it kicks in and damage the engine.

This really becomes important when you are in and out of the altitude range where this happens. It will switch back and forth often.

From 10,000 ft and up, constant monitoring and adjustment of boost is critical.

One thing I do is as I climb and adjust boost as I go, when I get to the point that further forward motion of the throttle is ineffective, I move my throttle back to the point where it has an effect. I.E. If max boost at that altitude is 8.1, I'll just nudge it back to 8 rather than keep pushing it forward to full. That way when second gear kicks in, it is a bit less brutal going to maybe 12psi boost instead of off the charts.

In a dog fight between 15,000 and 20,000 feet, the boost can turn on you if you don't keep an eye on it.

Now if I could only find a way to change the default F1 view (With a track ir) so I could move back enough to see the boost, temp and pressure gauges. (I move it by using zoom at present which is not optimal.
One could always switch to low gear 500 feet or so below the tipping point where the boost goes to high and climb through 16,500 or 17,000 (whatever the tipping point is for the weather which can change the altitude the auto switches it at). Then one could throttle back a bit, put it back into auto and get your boost back without rattling the engine parts.

The bottom line is my supercharger control is on a switch and I use it a fair bit even if the results only exist in my imagination at present.

I Love the Spitfire for all the manual controls.
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Bring on that fuel tank. My wingman does not manage his fuel well nor do the other 2 AI aircraft in my flight.
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I recommend that you check this http://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guide...fire-lf-mk-ix/

Pages 51 and 52 explain what the supercharger is used for and how it works.
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