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Default Spitfire, Removing mirror model?

Hi!, Just wondering if there is any way to remove the mirror model from the airplane. Loving the Spitfire so far, but due to the performance of my computer I usually fly the modules with no mirrors.

Would be great if the model could be hidden by the menu checkbox like in the Mi-8 for example.
Is there any way to do this right now?

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Not possible to remove it in DCS so far.

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Are you sure you don't mean you wish to disable the mirror instead of removing the mirror? As disabling the mirror increases performance.
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As Aileron says, you can disable the mirror and there are at least two options avaliable:

1) Set a specific enable/disable mirrors control button: For the Spitfire you'll find a control in the Spitfire control settings called "Toggle Mirrors", under the category "View Cockpit". Mine is set to 'left control + M', this may be the default setting or something I've changed so best check for yourself.

2) General game setting for mirrors: tick/untick the "Mirrors" checkbox in the games Settings -> Gameplay tab. I assume this option applies to all aircraft. This option seems to set the default spawn in state for the mirror to be enabled/disabled - note that the mirror can still be enabled/disabled by using the "Toggle Mirrors" control (above).
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Thanks for the feedback guys. What I want is to completely remove the 3D model of the mirror from the cockpit view.

Looks like razo+r is right about this.

I would love that this feature comes in the future, FoV limit in the special menu (like in the Mi-8, again :]) would be great too.

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