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Originally Posted by Alpenwolf View Post
Good to hear the server's amazing, cheers! And to keep it that way: STAY OUT OF DISCORD! Stick to TS and SRS, please.

I was referring to text chats, announcements, and just a community for guys who love cold war era jets to talk about it, in real time. Also another way for guys to tell others to hop on the server to try and populate it. Not for ingame communication, since srs and ts is better suited for that.
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Suppose I might as well do the forums posting thing.

Regarding current loadouts - I did mention this when I saw you on the server earlier, but the rear-aspect setup isn't really that fair on blue. Red players know they can't shoot us head-on at all, and the R-60 will frequently make insanely short turns to hit them in the merge. With that said I'm not entirely sure going back to the R-13 is necessarily the best idea either, and it kinda bums me out that the 21's signature weapon isn't available a lot of the time because it's technically all-aspect. If people want to fly at mid/high alt and ignore being locked up, they're kind of asking for an R-3R to the face, honestly. The 9P5 acts as a good equaliser and when everyone has some all-aspect capability (rather than just one team) it forces them to adapt and stop just flying straight and level into a merge in full reheat.

As for the 23 - given the Phantom is looking like a bit of a pipe dream at the moment, what's the plan for that? The ML is going to be pretty insanely capable compared to what we currently have, and what we'll be getting soon (unless the F1 is closer than I thought). The Crusader won't really cut it as a counter. Will it be included with the R-23 or as a limited, pseudo-MS? In the latter case it'll still have a radar far beyond what anyone else does, though... I can't wait for it, but I don't want things to be too easy for us red players

I'd fully support swapping out the 25T with the 25A, although it means a bit of a capability gap between red and blue maybe this could be compensated for some other way. The 25T is a bit of a weird duck since Russia barely even built any of the things.
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