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No way to solve this issue

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Like Xray, I found that on my 120Hz Gsynch monitor TrackIR movements are much smoother if I limit the FPS to something like 80 using Rivatuner. I set VsynchON and triple Buffer ON in NVCP but I am not sure it makes any difference. I did not disable Gsynch though, are you sure this helps ?

Also, using Lasso to set the affinity on 4 different cores (no hyperthreading) and performance mode helped a lot in having a constant FPS and avoiding sporadic drops.
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Same issue here G-Sync 144Hz monitor, 1080ti, 8700k, trackir 5. The only "fix" is to lock framerate at 60fps.
No noticeable issues in Arma 3 while flying helis. I have no other games which use trackir
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I had this same issue with my older laptop and I’m just thowning it out there because it helped with me. It wouldn’t happen all the time for me just a random thing so what I had to do to fix it and make the game run smooth again was shut down my laptop, for some reason if I just restarted i would get missing frames every 10 to 15 secs. Took me weeks of trouble shooting and in the end all I had to do was shut the laptop down and and restart and it ran smooth again. I hope you figure it out and I expect you have already tied this but I do know that its unplayable for me when it happens so good luck.
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I have a solution coming in October, should be able to lock at 120 fps all the time.

Being funny aside, in DCS, with track IR, any frame rate which isn't multiply of 60 (probably 30, but I couldn't be bothered to try, it's unplayable at 30 anyway) will cause TrackIR panning to jitter.

I am positive it affects everyone, some people just don't see it. it's on every youtube video I have seen (assuming they didn't lock to 60). Disabling G-Sync doesn't "fix" this problem.

I don't know about any other solution except buying a gfx card capable of running dcs at x * 60 FPS all the time.
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