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Originally Posted by rtimmons View Post
in the latest openbeta release it feels like the engine power is much greater with the EGT in the green. I was able to fly over 100 knots with 50% fuel and front mini guns/door gunners today and the EGT was staying well in the green. Still had trouble at 4500 ft altitude but it didn't catch on fire but rather would not stay air born. I think that may be normal. Not sure how real hueys fly at higher altitude but I have always had problems with DCS hueys in the mountain tops.

i also noticed a diference in engine performance, but with no official report i`m not sure
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there is definetly something has happened to the engine.
today i made some flight online and it didin't caused me any troubles. it flew like a charm, no exploding engines!
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When they first introduced the new EGT limits I put the Huey aside. I couldn't even hover out of any LZs without exceeding them. Something has changed: Now you only red line your ship if you are in a massive hurry to leave a hot LZ and pull hard on the collective. I also noticed that the Huey needs more pedal now, sometimes I run out of left pedal, just like I read in books written by Huey pilots. Thank you for fixing it!

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yes they have done quite a large change to the torque and egt.
you can do full power take offs in a full gunship now.
no need to stay in ground effect until you gain momentum

and I was pulling 45 torque in a cruise and it was barely half way to yellow.
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