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Originally Posted by Jester986 View Post
Bad AI and different flight dynamics for me and the ai is why I play multiplayer
As I said in another thread, this is s war simulation. So I still do not get how AI can be put in such low priority. What you fight is indeed the reason why you play the game in the first place.

From what we see, the majority of players play in Single Player. So they need to deal with this AI in every gaming session. I don't know how many time I just cancelled a mission project because the AI was useless, therefore completely ruining the mission challenge in the first place.

Then to try a different setup ... to later conclude the same thing again.

I can get that F-18 shooting missiles at each other from 40 miles away can mostly live with this AI. But what about an Apache attacking a convoy, a mig-21 sneaking on you to give you a close dogfight or having your wingman accepting the most simple order. 9 time out of 10, if I rely on the AI, it will end up like "what the heck is he doing?". Aircraft throwing themselves in mountain's cliff, chopper randomly spinning on themselves, wingman refusing to attack target that are right below you, aircraft raming each other on the runway ... and so on.

Would like to see a release with a strong AI revamp. Please put at least a basic brain in the units we are fighting if we are going to play SP.
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Mostly SP for now because I am just learning my first module (M2000C) and I want to finish its campaign first. However, I have briefly tried MP and it was fun although I was friendly shot.
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100% Multi-Player

I find SP pretty boring and prefer flying with and against human pilots.

Don't mind flying against AI in MP but yeah...The AI behavior still needs some improvements.

Will be a great day when that happens.

Thing is....Zuckerberg is definitely an Alien... Some Kind of Grey Hybrid

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Up up multiplayer !
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I play both, as they both have different aspect that I enjoy.

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I have about 500 hours, I haven't tried single player other than some training and instant action training missions.
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Mostly single player, starting to play more multiplayer nowadays for me...

For me, when I started out, playing on airquake/spamraam type servers really turned me off of Multiplayer. As someone with an aviation background, and a keen interest in military aviation, the utter lack of realism really bothered me. So I started playing single player missions, and began designing my own.

The whole squadron scene intrigues me, but I do not have the time to commit to a formal structure such as they are.

Currently my multiplayer flying consists of flying once every week or two with the folks over on the Wingman Finder Discord channel

I like to think the missions I have been designing lately for single player are some of the most realistic scenarios you can get in the game. I'd invite any of the "Mostly Multi" crew to check them out here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c..._filter=Filter
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nice. thanks for posting those.
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