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Originally Posted by nightfalcon View Post

Its also not on the planned list. Correct me if I'm wrong. I hope I'm because I want Lau-88
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I own both and would definately recommend the Hornet. As many ppl stated, the Viper is far behind the Hornet in developement and has less variety in ordonance + the Hornet provides naval ops/anti ship capability (at least in theory, as the AGM-84 is still WIP). Also there won´t be any discounts on the Viper in the nearby future while the Hornet is on a 25% discount right now i think, so you would get way more for your money. Both will be fantastic jets once completed, but the Hornet is definately closer to that stage. So get the Hornet first and the Viper later...
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Are you a airhead or squid? You like hard decks or carrier landings.
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