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I am planning to experiment on that subject, make a simpit to scale, for monitors and VR, get used to it.

Will try to place panels to scale and precisely, and see how it goes.

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Originally Posted by ignition22 View Post
For me id skip the headphones and go with external/room speakers and split game sound between Rift S headband and room speakers. Imo much more immersive with the sound coming from all around you then right by your ears. This isn't a common thing to do though, just something I personally found to be much better while testing things.
I assume you are actually using this? I always assumed this would feel wierd, since the direction of the sound would shift with your view...

PointCtrl is great. SimShaker is pretty nice to (but the motors are pretty loud). A button box / MFD's are recommended also.

IMHO, one of the most important features of a VR Pit: Having it ready without any preparations. Just sit in and fly:

TM Warthog, VPC T-50 Base, TM TRP, PointCtrl, VRK
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Originally Posted by Gruman View Post
I assume you are actually using this? I always assumed this would feel wierd, since the direction of the sound would shift with your view...
Yep I have 4 speakers now, one in each corner of the room and use voicemeter banana to control audio output form the PC which you can use to set the speakers in mono although i've left them in stereo.

Because I also play the sound through the Rift S and it is right by your ears that gives all your localization queues, ie where you perceive directional sound coming from. I also set headset sounds in DCS to the Rift S so voice comms only come through the Rift.

Its not perfect for sure but sound wise when you fire up an aircraft like a huey it really does sound like you are right in that environment. At first I just did it as an experiment with two spare bookshelf speakers sitting on the ground in front of me but my immediate impression was wow what a difference.
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Originally Posted by ignition22 View Post
That's a lot of fancy gears

For me id skip the headphones and go with external/room speakers and split game sound between Rift S headband and room speakers. Imo much more immersive with the sound coming from all around you then right by your ears. This isn't a common thing to do though, just something I personally found to be much better while testing things.
I use headset for communications not external sounds. Ie VoiceAttack and srs/discord for multiplayer


Let take photos and show your setups it might inspire others and you might pick up something. I have a bunch of old saitek panels that I used before vr that I might pull out of storage the radio panels especially after seeing the tune the radios in the huey but I’m going to try point ctrl first to see how well it works for me once the pit is back in operation.. my thoughts are use switches to configure aircraft and startup then put on the vr display and use voice as if I’m directing the crew to do things like have the lt seat pilot run the checklist and tune the radios if I get it to work a the door gunners to open close doors and fire or change firing mode.

Also, my pit will be convertible from fighter to helicopters to ga/commercial to driving single engine to duel and when the honeycomb beta is released I’ll be able to go up to 4 engines.

The pc will have an i9 9900 cpu iirc, gtx 2080 ti GPU, 32 go ram minimum mainly ssd drives except for the library storage drives which will be wd red 4tb drives. Monitor is a 32” curved monitor mounted on the pit about where the front windscreen would be. Tm cougar and warthog hotas, tpr pedals and a Maxflight collective. On the right side will be the modded cougar stick( modded with Rel4y’s magnetic sensors} and a wireless trackball. Plus the honeycomb beta once release if I don’t mount it forward it depends on how it is finally setup. On the left side will be the collective, then the warthog throttle, then the cougar throttle. From inside to out. Warthog center stick with two extensions. When configured for fighter or stick ac yoke for ga/comm ac that use a yoke. The stick will be Velcroed to the base and removed when not needed same for the pedals to allow the tm racing controls to replace them. Lt forward shelf or what ever it’s called has 2 tm cougar mfds and a buddy fox I think. The vr is a rift s. I’m going to try out the vrkb setup using a Wacom tablet for a kneeboard. Also I modded the tm wh throttle with just another slew mod by DeltaAlphaLima1.

Have I missed anything?

I might keep the pft puma if once I get the pit working and figure the settings out before swapping in the tm gear.

Also: my blog is getting a new article every Friday until I say otherwise. I’m trying to have them scheduled for publication a month a head of time. Just finished the second Friday in February over the weekend. Working on the third Friday article now.
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The thing with VR is that although it is nearly a 1 to 1 match with a real cockpit there are some gaps we need to fill and we do these in different ways.

After experimenting with clickable cockpits I found for immersion in VR I prefer to interact with physical switches, buttons and knobs and where these would not typically be on a hotas again I prefer to flick a real switch.

What has surprised me is how quickly we build muscle memory to locate a physical switch in VR even if it doesn’t correspond exactly with the position in the cockpit we see.

So I have gone down the route creating a generic VR cockpit with items like lighting, engine controls, weapons, radar , gear, flaps etc. in the same areas. Obviously there are some big variations with the amount of controls between aircraft so we will see how it goes.

Starting with something relatively simple I can control everything I need with the P-51 with button boxes and very little on the hotas and don’t use the clickable cockpit at all.

My aim is to learn more complex aircraft and see how it goes, hence the recent addition of the MFDs.
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Originally Posted by BlacleyCole View Post
Ok I’m working on setting up my vr sim pit. I want to make sure I set it right. And don’t forget anything.

I’m building a top notch cpu and GPU. I got the new rift s. My pit starts with a Speedmaster Flight seat and tubular frame with a 32’ curved monitor mounted to it. I have the gametrix vibrations seat pad. Voice attack which I’m working on. A nice headphone with mic setup. Hotas depends on the airframe for helicopters currently it’s the puma from pro Flight trainers. For A-10c and other duel engine fixed wings it’s the tm warthog throttle and stick both have mods. The throttle has just another slew upgrade and the stick uses 2 6” extensions so I can mount it to the base of the pit. For single engine airframes I sub in the tm cougar throttle with two mods the first is I swapped out the interface pcb with a usb one so it would connect directly to the pc. And second I swapped out the old potentiometers for Rel4y’s magnetic sensors. Did the same with the stick which is mounted on the right side of seat. For pedals I use the tm tpr pedals. I have a couple of things I’m not mentioning until tested. What else would you have in your vr pit how would you set it up?
Hi Blancey.

For my pit I'm doing something similar. I don't have a fancy chair/setup due to space constraints, but I'm using a WH throttle and cougar throttle (and maybe winwing in the future) mounted to my desk via fox mounts. Same for the 4 joysticks for different A/C. The other thing I would want are more types of throttles, something "mig ish" might be nice.

The main thing for VR I would say that I would want, is a bit easier way to adjust height and positions of the throttles so they more closely match where they are in the pit. (often in my case they are too far forward, and too high in some cases). The sticks usually aren't an issue as they are central, though my F16 stick is a bit off, but really the Viper pit being reclined the way it is IRL isn't great to setup.

You should absolutely consider either point-control or possible something like capto-glove for interfacing with a VR pit. Makes a massive immersion difference as you can click on stuff in the pit fairly seamlessly. Point control works well and works today, I have yet to see anyone post a working captoglove setup but I'm hopeful that DCS support of captoglove will work out at some point. I've done it both ways with physical button boxes and switches, and it just gets confusing/non-immersive IMO.

On the mic/voice control. Your VR headset will doubtlessly come with a mic, so maybe thats not needed.

The only other thing to keep in mind is if you start using multiple controllers, DCS won't map two of the same types of sticks to the same shift button. I.e. I have 2 WH bases/sticks, and I like using the "lever" as a modifier on them, but its button 4 or whatever, and only ONE of them can have it mapped as button 4, the other WH stick has to be a different button (which sucks) The other bases I have FSSB and Vipril its a non issue.
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