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Thanks for the update, seems like a lot of much wanted features have been worked on in the background.

Looking forward to the campaign (finally!) and the carrier to be released later this year. I hope the campaign will use the Forrestal class and the A-6 AI?
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General 3D modeling thread and reference sites
UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.
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Excellent Update. Really looking forward to the Old Boi Bote.

Is there going to be an substantial difference in how the AIM-54C with it's IMU interacts with the AWG-9 opposed to the earlier AIM-54As besides CM rejection values?

(Also did the SMEs ever respond w/ regards to the AIM-7MH?)
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Thanks for the Update.

Viggen Powa!
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Can't wait for Forrestal and the F-14A! The A-variant is the classic Tomcat.
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Any news on the navigational grid for the RIO?

And has HB ever mentioned anything about the Sparrowhawk HUD upgrade?
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we are waiting. thanks for the work
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Great news, and great attitude! This is what we love to see!
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Even though I was disappointed that you didn't keep your word on getting Viggen out of EA in 2018 I still love you guys. You're simply the best developer in DCS
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