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Originally Posted by Gianky View Post
Hey Syndrome, I wasn't talking about the AMRAAM range, but the range at which radar can get a lock in BORE mode.

All the sources I've seen talk about 10 nm as range for the BORE mode, anyway, I guess I'll just have to wait for the next update and see what happens. It's very good to have faster lockon times.
Ah sorry, new to DCS, I assumed that bore/slave in the instance of these ranges only applied to fox 3 missiles like the AMRAAM. Never tried to fire a sidewinder outside of 5-10nm before. Is that a thing?
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In certain models of F-16 the ACM BORE range scale can be set as high as 40nm. I don't know if that includes the one in DCS nor if being able to set the scale that high on the MFD changes anything about the lock range. It also raises the question how such distances can be useful. In some models the bore can be slewed in x and y, slaved to TGP LOS, and possibly this long range BORE is useful when directing at some kind of datalink target.

For ACM modes that are limited to 10nm, that's not a comment one way or the other on the actual performance of the radar. The radar can see targets >10nm for example in 30x20 but will reject them. Alternatively a stealthy target can be <10nm and not detected.
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Frederf, thank you for the reply, cleared things up for me (just like the one you gave on the thread about bomb loadout, didn't have time to thank you there, at the time, then I forgot! )

Syndrome, I'd say you can try to launch a SW at 5/10 NM, against a closing non maneuvering targets, surely not in a dogfight. Anyway, I was talking about radar performances, regardless of the missiles you have selected.
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