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I need help with my triple set up i have used the warping software fly.elise but my face is smashed against the dash and i cannot zoom in or out. I have been reading the forum and google for days can someone plz help me or point me to a good guide. i should mention that i have already used the dummy guided to lau but i still need help i have 3 22in displays at a 60 degree angle for my racing sims.

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So today's update said that multi monitors should now work. My Lua script for my 2 MFD display(configured for the A-10) works but I am not sure what the script shopuld be for the multi color display?

Would it be like this?

x = 1113;
y = 1753;
width = 349;
height = 340;

Obviously, the exact number would change based on specific screen set up.
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Does anyone know the export strings for the F-5 RADAR and RWR? It seems RADAR uses RIGHT_MFCD, but that obviously overrides my A-10C settings.
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I'm trying to export mfcd's. I got it to work but the problem is I have a secondary large display on the left of my center view screen. Is there a way to run it in a window as it requires but make the window start on the center display and not cover up the left one?
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I would like to set up my second monitor which is1366x768 with both MFDs or with the f10 Map, or if possible that it could do both would be great. My primary monitor is 3840x2160. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. There are some good guides and info available, but not finding anything to do with F18 multiple monitors.
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