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J-5A 14 10.45%
J-6III 4 2.99%
J-7G 29 21.64%
J-8E 15 11.19%
J-8F 75 55.97%
Q-5III 23 17.16%
Q-5D 35 26.12%
H-5 22 16.42%
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Honestly not interested in most of the aircraft on the list. With the exception of a few on the list , Would rather get the actual soviet aircraft equivlant rather than copies export based derivatives of them.Fact s however china just didnt make many original designs until more recent times



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Kev, what about J-8II and Q-5? Both have no Soviet equivalent per se, the J-8II is indeginous albeit a scaled up MiG-21 planform on the outside, and the Q-5 has many more differences to MiG-19 then most people assume. Other then the different front fuselage intakes and guns, it has a longer area ruled fuselage with a thinner less swept wing, and it even has a bomb bay that can carry bombs or fuel. In the Jabbers interview J-8IIB and Q-5C were listed as possible future modules after JF-17 and J-11.

I think both J-8II and Q-5 would surprise people in how different they are then Soviet equivalents, Both at some point or another we’re the most indeginous design China had.
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Plus if we can't get Russian/Soviet aircraft, Chinese ones are the next best thing.
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There may well be a lineage, but if you look at the planform and shape of the intake, the final result of J-10 and Lavi don't really have anything more than a superficial resemblance between them. So I'd say calling it a full on copy or calling it Lavi is rather unfair.
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Originally Posted by Top Jockey View Post
I'm sorry but I find that VERY hard to believe, so please don't go that way:

- several sources throughout the media state otherwise - that it was based on the Lavi project bought by China from Israel;
- the J-10 airframe is HIGHLY similar (to say the least) to the Lavi's one;
- China is known worldwide to copy every foreign product / system of its interest.

Also, J-11 and J-15 airframes (amongst other components) "have nothing to do" with Russian Su-27 and Su-33 either ?


" ...Years later American officials discovered that Israel sold the Lavi’s development plans to China, granting them unprecedented access to technologies first developed for the F-16... "
Don't go what way? Your source are written by people who aren't not from Israel, heck they aren't even from military.
You source only referred itself to another source saying that "American officials discovered that Israel sold the Lavi’s development plans to China", but yet to provide us with any kind of evidence in what exactly they find. Just stating they found something isn't an evidence. Even mammal with a mouth can state something.

You find an official document stated by Israel government or military saying that they had provided any aid for the development of J-10, then I will accept that as a fact.

Why is so hard for you to believe that China can make something as good as west? Because to you, Chinese are inferior race? Even after I had shown you we literally had the project started a year before Lavi. Why are you in denial even facing the fact? We Chinese had made many advancement long before Caucasian even had the concept of nation. Even today, the printer, gunpowder, compass and paper are all based on our tech thousand years before the west. Also wealth mention that China made gunpowder for fire cracker so we can use it in new year celebration and yet west took it and made it into a weapon, that can show the western mindset. The worst part is that when west was weaker than China and come to learn, Chinese people taught everything they knew as a sign of friendship to help people. But take a look now, when Chinese people created something with their own labour, the west will claim its "their property rights", once again shows your mindset.

Western civilisation grown to today's scale due to their colonial expansion and the exploitation of others. That means without exploitation, the west can never become powerful as it is today. But China never exploited others. In fact, during the Opium War, through Unequal treaties the west took so much silver and gold away from China that are worth more than 30 years of Chinese GDP, yet Chinese people rebuilt their nation to their former strength by their own labour without exploitation and colonisation of others. So if you are in denial because you enjoyed the feeling of superiority over others base on the long dark history of your civilisation, and want us to play side characters in your little own fantasy world, then "please don't go that way".

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This is youtube, so I don't know how creditable this is.
If it is true, then J-10 is still being offered for export. That means maybe, just maybe, one day we might get...... maybe a J-10A...with old Russian none vertical control engine......with only export variant of PL-12......without PL-9 for DCS.

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None of those I guess. I would want a red side plane able to keep up with F15/F16/F18 etc. I guess the JF-17 is close, but another 4th gen military that is made with china and or something since they seem to have access to that stuff.
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Hi all

just a quick reminder we have rules here, please review them before posting.

Above all, just be nice to each other

thank you.
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