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Default Voice Recorder

I have been puzzling over how to get F10 map co-ordinates into cockpit systems such as the PVI-800 and Mi-8 GARMIN whilst flying in VR using the rift, and as easily as possible... I have difficulty in flying, remembering the Lat / Long from the F10 map and then entering it...

Chic (he has a PhD in VA) very kindly investigated for me and came up with a good system involving VoiceAttack dictation mode except I found that for VA to work I have to have the weighting high and often the dictation interprets wrong numbers into gobby-gook... and played them all back simultaneously without any input pauses etc...

On digging I came across SOX http://sox.sourceforge.net/ - a respected and well known powerful 'donate ware' command line driven sound utility.

A bit of working out the command line references and bolting it into VA gives a good sound recorder that records your mic for a specified duration and plays back whenever you need it.... It works well in the rift...

For me...

I downloaded and installed the latest version of SOX (14-4-2) - it is not big...

I created a folder in the root of 'C' and called it 'c:/rift-sox/'

Created a VA command called '10 second record' and in it ran SOX with the correct command line parameters as a VA 'hidden' style...

Created a VA command called 'playback' and in it ran SOX with the correct command line parameters as a VA 'hidden' style...

SO, with VA listening, '10 second record' records your default mic input for 10 seconds into a wav file in the rift-sox directory. If it is already present, the old file is simply re-written.

Playback plays it back into your default speakers.... as many times as you want... simples...

You can easily change the recording time... attached is a 3 command VA profile, 10 second record, 20 second record and playback.

The command lines for 10 sec reference are...

"C:\Program Files (x86)\sox-14-4-2\sox.exe" -t waveaudio -d "c:/rift-sox/test.wav" trim 0 10
"C:\Program Files (x86)\sox-14-4-2\sox.exe" "c:/rift-sox/test.wav" -t waveaudio

You can see how it is entered in the VA profile. The first line records and the second plays. The last number group of the first command line controls the recording length... here it is 10 seconds...

Works well for me, YMMV.... of course you you dont have to be using VR to use it

VA Profile

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Thanks for the detailed info and tutorial. Very useful
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