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I just got Normandy and I can only contribute what I have found from experimentation in the last two days. What I saw in terms of (micro)stutters over cities and forest was actually related to AntiAliasing and can be easily cured by running lower settings.

I have i7 4790K 16GB DDR3 CL8 - GTX1070 8GB OC and a cheap Sandisk SSD. The game runs at solid 60fps with 8x AA for me most of the time BUT when I fly low (treetop level) over Caen the stutters can be reproduced, and even though they just dip into 50 the sensation of flight is already ruined.

I have AA now on 2x and even in those drastic situations over cities the frames remain solid 60fps. May be just me but that way I try to make sure that I have enough in reserve for when things get hot, and can not just barely run the sim with eye candy until something happens.

Today I already had a lot of crashes even from the Mission Editor, hard to say if this is normal or related to me Alt-Tabbing a lot or a sign that the sim has a problem. Just wanted to say that it does crash way more often than I would like and in fact 1.5 never crashed on me.
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