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One of my favorite module
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Beautiful module one of the best in DCS
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MiG-15 is great, a ton of fun when flying it.

I was actually surprised when I flew it for the first time, it's very easy to fly, very smooth. Better than expected!
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Brilliant module, brilliant plane. It really is fun to fly - as long as you stay in it's 'comfort zone'. And you'll learn it's quirks soon enough too and learn how to manage them. And it's part of the fun, of course A very charismatic little plane and a very well made module.

Only minus is that there is limited missions and no campaigns included within the module. To be honest - without the 'Museum Relic' campaign being available, I wouldn't probably have bought the module in the first place. And it would have been a shame.
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On the other hand 'Museum Relic' is so freaking good!
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Yah, but then again the plane just is so friggin' great.
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