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Originally Posted by Steamypete View Post
Thank you everybody for the eloborate answers about the history of the radar, why it was build that way in that particular time period, the theory of its working, etc. I learned a lot in this thread.

But really my question was more practical. How do you use it when you play DCS? Not how it was used in RL.

I guess I came to the same conclusion as the poster above. The aiming assist of the Radar for guns is awesome. (DG mode) I find it to be very accurate and I use it all the time. But for missile firing and target searching I find it useless. Correct me if you think I'm wrong.

So here is how I use the radar when playing.

1. Leave it in Standby mode, i guess this reduces your own radar signature as wel.
2. When engaging in a dogfight, leave it of when firing missiles. It not helping your missiles hit target anyway.
3. Turn it on before switching to guns to help with aiming.
4. Turn it off again when you are victorious.

Its not a bad strategy. TBH this is what i more commonly see Migs doing only becasue thier SA is more limited, and they prefer to limit thier aircraft signature. while you too can employ this tactic in the F5E as another poster above me has said the RWR offers fairly minimal SA on the MIg, compared to the Ip- 1310/ALR on the F5

The Spo10 RWR, just provides him there is a another radar source and a general direction ( not as precise as on the F5), Spo 10 RWR can not distinguish friend from foe, So he would have to spot you on his own radar first, and then IFF the blip on the screen, to confirm you are the Foe assuming you and him dont merge into visual contact by then.

to compare

To the IP-1310/ALR ( also familiar to any A10 Drivers)

truth be told even the SPo-15 found on su25 and 4th gen mig29 and Su27 in DCS is improved but still crude compared to western RWR in general.



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The F-5's radar is only really useful in two ways:

1-In dogfight mode, to get firing solutions for the 20 mm canons and help you shoot more accurately.

2-As a psychological trick: Since the Mig-21 is faster than the Tiger in a straight line, in Alpen Wolf's Cold War server, some of us use our sets to spook zooming Mig-21s.

Knowing how their RWR works, we can paint them and make them nervous before we actually see them. The least experienced pilots will then make a mistake out of uncertainty, like taking evasive actions and loosing speed, or climbing out of terrain cover and lighting their afterburners.

But that's pretty much all you can do with that radar. That's why the F-5 is essentially a visual dogfighter and very dependent on GCI control.

Aggressor Squadrons are so effective because they work in that way, guided by AWACS or EWR.
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Appreciate this post, I thought radar was broken or settings were incorrect when I couldnt even detect a bomber 20-30 miles ahead of me with me chasing it. At least I know its limitations now; after installing the radar graphics fix I thought I'd broken something.
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Keep in mind f-5 has not BVR capability, as already said the main use of the radar is to help obtaining a good firing solution of a target you have already visually acquired.
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Originally Posted by Kev2go View Post
the Mig21 is in a similar predicament. It also is inferior to compete against modern aircraft, yeah its not impossible to shoot them down, but your at a very significant disadvantage in that aircraft as well. It too has to fly with radars off, and try to use terrain masking to try to avoid detection. While the Mig21 radar does allow For IFF, and Sarh Guided R3R missiles, they are short ranged. By the time you do get effective firing range, you can also visually spot the target. Its radar is less reliable, more prone to ground interference, has no off bore sight , lesser range, and the elevation of the antenna is minimal, ( 1 switch). The RP22 Saphir tbh is closer in performance to the An/APQ 153, than the the AN/APQ 159 that we have on the F5E-3

If you cant find a target on the F5Es Radar, then remember that the Mig21 is going to be even more limited in trying intercept a fighter sized target with its radar.

For people who want to Fly legacy aircraft and have reasonable match-up that isnt 1 sided, i suggest finding cold war servers, where there are no 4th generation fighters.
I have to disagree here. In DCS, the MiG-21bis radar is vastly better than the AN/APQ 159. Fairly easy to detect targets with, has IFF capability and interference buttons to remove cloud clutter and jamming. It is strong enough to keep lock in most situations. Even when using heaters like R60M, I use the radar most of the time. It also help with A/G rocket delivery and Kh-66. F5E's radar does not help with pinpointing your target or IFF. Like the F-86F, I only find it useful for gunnery.
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On the other hand, the APQ-159 is far better at directing gun shots, generally has better detection ranges, and is less awful at low altitdude imo. I'd say it's about even, depending on the situation. You are right that the IFF on the Mig-21 is really, really handy for an aircraft of that era though.
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No, it is not close to even
But it might also be a bit of simulation issue. The AN/APQ 159 has a few reported bugs and also the visuals are lacking, making it tougher to distinguish between clutter and contacts.
F-5E has better RWR, but that is also bugged at the moment. And the FM. And the M39 cannon dispersion. And the radar textures...

Such a cool little fighter. But flying the F-5E is very much an upphill battle right now
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