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Japanese Army might very well had their own wind tunnels, they did not need to capture any. Nor would they find any in the Pacific. Closest facilities were in US and we know that Japanese did not manage to get there
Each company (Nakajima, Mitsubishi, Aichi, Kawasaki and Kawanishi) and each service (IJN and IJAAF) had their own facilities and testing grounds. I know that Navy and Mitsubishi had really fantastic testing grounds and wind tunnels and saw A6M, J2M and A7M wind tunnel tests (often not entire airframe but specific items were part of tests such as rudder controls, flaps, etc.). I have not seen however anything comparable for the Japanese Army and Nakajima especially. Not that it didnt exist, Nakajima was second largest manufacturer (or maybe first) of aircraft engines and aircraft. But Nakajima after the war (on Allies "request") was split into a couple companies and largest of those existing today is Subaru. However because of that substantial part of Nakajima records was destroyed or vanished. I know that records of Nakajima designed NN airfoils were lost as well. Today its possible to "reverse engineer" them with modern software and good enough manual / manufacturing drawings. Ki-84s wing was based on Nakajima NN-21 airfoil. I've someone using Ki-27 or Ki-43 drawings to produce NN-21 ordinates.
And thats just for Nakajima. Other companies and even scientific institutions experimented with various types of airfoils, including laminar flow airfoils and low drag airfoils.

Overall period of 1931 to 1945 of Japanese aviation industry is not very well explored, particularly in western historical publications. From my visits in Japanese museums and various questions asked about data I know that even Japanese arent giving much attention to collecting and preserving various precious documents. A lot of them are in private collections which is a shame, because they belong to museums and archives where proper care can be given to them.
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That is a shame not to properly preserve an important part of history like this. Hopefully someone in Japan, maybe a descendant of a pilot, is looking into this.
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