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Originally Posted by LooseSeal View Post
The manual assumes everyone has a dual-stage trigger like the Warthog, so I wouldn't pay much attention to the exact wording when you have different equipment.

There are 2 assignments - 'Gun trigger' - being PAC-2 when PAC is enabled; and 'Gun trigger (first stage)' being PAC-1. There isn't a 'Fire Gun' binding though.

But yeah... I have no idea what's happening to be honest. Problems are always possible with stick bindings, but it shouldn't happen with the keyboard commands.
I use the CH Fighterstick. I have the trigger assigned to "gun trigger' (PAC-2) and it works just fine. I have PAC-1 assigned to a hat switch on my throttle.
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You need to be trimmed for the PAC 2 to engage.

If you are doing the run and you are applying any force to the stick, the PAC won't engage and then it will happen as you said.

I will recommend you the same some other forumites told me months ago. Pick the "sitting ducks" mission with the Hog and train your gun runs.

Once you train yourself with the proper timings, diving angle and trim, everything will go smoothly.

Then when you have enough training on gun runs, you can start "forcing" the envelope and train pot shots (fast trimming while turning so you are trimmed when the pipper is on target, fire and leave)
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Of course when I went to record a track to post, it didn't do it anymore. Not sure what the issue was previously or what changed.
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You weren't trimmed.
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I was trimmed, so the only thing I can think of was that maybe the speedbrake wasn't 100% closed.

Even with PAC2 working I still can't finish the included campaign though. In the mission where you have to destroy all the vehicles in the village (mission 13 or 14 I think), after I've done so and landed it never says the mission is complete.
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Look at the HUD if it says PAC-1 or PAC-2 two on it. That lets you know if PAC is engaging regardless of how well it is performing (trim, speed brakes, etc.)
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