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Default DCS WWII Map Discussion

So..on a FB discussion were we talking about ways to make DCS WW2 more viable..and one of the big ones is a new map area...a lot of us liked this area...

I know it's large, but it seems like it would fit a very large amount of great, high quality late war scenarios in it...

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the existing Normandy map isn't up to standard yet.
I vote to flesh that out and complete the entire map area first before any thought of another map.
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I would want a South Pacific Map, The Solomon islands, Port Moresby to Rubaul! and a P-38 lightening to go along with my corsair!

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Hunter Joker
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South Pacific with carrier operations, this is the only thing that could revamp WWII in DCS World.

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I would also advocate fleshing out the Normandy map in preference to a new one.

Any new WW2 map would need to very carefully consider what aircraft and what assets it has on it... for both sides! Given the P-47, F4U, P-40(?), Me 262(?), Mosquito(?) and some AI (Ju88, ) are on their way, the best map would be the one that supports those the best, in addition to the existing ones we have. Actually, an improved Normandy would do an excellent job of this.

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i guess there are already some ideas on new ww2 maps, would be very interesting to hear from ED what they consider to happen in the future.

fleshing out normandy would be awesome and a first for me too, maybe its even possible to extend it.

i think a south pacific map would be pretty easy to make because of the very large water mass and it shouldnt hit performance like for example europe and the third reich with its large cities and what not. i loved pacific strike back on my 386, one of my favorites back then. A south pacific scenario would need at least two planes on both sides and alot of ai and that would take alot of time.

It would be awesome if some or even all of the third parties and ED would work together on releasing ww2 birds/maps/ai so we could have complete scenarios in the developemnt time of one. What a great idea xD
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I think we'd need more aircraft, AI and flyable before a new WWII map would make sense. Not that I wouldn't buy the map in the OP in an instant
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Hunter Joker
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Sure but if You look now the WWII community is small and I didn't think that new aircrafts alone could revamp it...You need a game changer...and probably at the moment the competition on the western and eastern front that come from the IL2 series is too great to overcome...
So...release a new scenario, the Pacific, with (this is the game changer for me) the carrier operations...and with at least 4 flyable aircraft (2 USA and 2 Japan) and 2/4 others AI only per side...
It will be one of the coolest scenario in WWII and without competition to fight.
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I too would love to see a South Pacific map. Wouldn't it be great for the US and Japan to go head to head in DCS. Im not sure exactly what it is but it seems the Normandy map is missing something? Its a cool map I just do not find myself using it too often.

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