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I was going to suggest the same as TOViper. I wear glasses sometimes, contacts other times. I prefer VR with contacts. Inter Pupil Distance comes into play twice with DCS:

1) I find that the manual adjustment for the lens spacing (the slider under your right eye on the Oculus frame - you move after pressing up on it) can cause a lot of strain and focus issues. I tend to move this to the extremes once or twice to find what *doesn't* feel right, and then keep walking it toward the middle, closer and closer to where I feel the least strain. It isn't scientific (there is a more scientific way in Oculus calibration or your optometrist can give you the exact measurement and you can try that).

2) in DCS VR settings, you can override the IPD setting there. I use 37. I just kept trying extremes and walking it to what *looked* right to me. This seems to affect the scale/size/proportion of the aircraft and world. I moved mine until it looked like 1:1 scale. Not sure if this could affect the HUD and gunsights etc. Definitely makes a huge difference in immersion. Good luck!
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