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Originally Posted by BuzzU View Post
So, using the stable version would avoid these problems?
AFAIK the JTAC and other MGRS coordinate transmissions have always been botched like that, when they are not scripted differently.

Which is typical of RL situations as well.

I've found myself raging at juniors (IRL) for not giving complete coordinates (including the zone designator) but just the square and three digit (like, LN 123 432 instead of, say, 44T LN 123 432) which makes for a lot of headaches and time lost trying to guess which designator that falls under, when you are trying to manage a force dispersed over two or three zones.

But that's how they get trained so yelling at them just gets you that far...

Sorry for the "flex" and digression but I felt a little background to justify what comes after was needed.

So, yeah that would be realistic to a degree, in the sense that in a situation like a conflict in Georgia/black sea the SOP would be to ALWAYS include the zone designator and, even if the JTAC was dumb enough not to, the pilot would ask for the complete grid (and get it), which we can't do.

Still, I don't get how this would be due to OB vs Stable?
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