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^^You might want to take a look at this:

Originally Posted by MadDog-IC View Post
For your pleasure,work in progress early access for said campaign, still testing each mission for faults, (SEAD is a real headache, AGM-154c no good at all and are being replaced with AGM-65D, yes they work better so long as plane can get in close and avoid missile fire).

PHASE 1: Complete at 22-03-2018
- Changed - Date, Season and Temperatures of missions:-
- Missions 0-10. = Spring 22-31 March 2011. (COMPLETED)

- Changed - Briefing info and waypoints to match pictures.
- Missions 0-10, (COMPLETED)

- Changed - US F-15C (Player) flight payloads back to Aim-120C x 6 and fuel x (1 or 3) to match brief.

- Repositioned - All "Ground units" and "FARPS" from out of forests.
- Missions 0-10. (COMPLETED)

- Changed - Position of all static aircraft and vehicles from taxi ways and parking areas in Airfields:-
- Missions 0-10. (COMPLETED)

PHASE 2: Complete at 27-03-10-2018
- Tested missions 0 to 10, (COMPLETED)

So if you want try it out, here is the link.


Regards, Ian
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