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Default Missing Vital Crew Members

Hello All,
With as much anticipation that this module will bring I was looking at it more closely and noticed there are some missing crew members and incorrect crew launch positions.

I know its not out yet and that there are lots of features to be added and fixed, however if someone doesn't bring this stuff up or post about it then its a slim chance if it will be noticed or added.

Missing Catapult Centerdeck Operator:
In between CAT 3 & 4 there is a green shirt that will usually sit inside a open panel. This green shirt is the Catapult Centerdeck Operator's job. Inside the panel the green shirt has communication with catapult control relaying aircraft type, gross weight and the side number, and assisting the Catapult Officer (or, Shooter) in selection of different launch settings. Each plane requires a different catapult setting based on weight. Currently from the videos I've seen and all posted images from ED. This crew member is missing.
The hatch in Red
The IRL view from that position
Topic Two: Aircraft Prioritization/ Shooting Order
One thing I've noticed is that when two aircraft are attached to two catapults at the same time the AI crew doesn't appear to hold the other aircraft and stay within their safety spots till the other aircraft is launched.
What should happen is, say cat 4 just launched an aircraft and planes are lined up behind cat 3 & 4.
  1. One aircraft gets lined up on cat 4.
  2. Crew brings the aircraft in and applies the hold back bar and the crew tell the pilot to wait. The non-essential(ie. The crew from cat4) turns and sits behind the red and white striped line.
  3. Cat 3 and its crew load an aircraft and then immediately launch it.
  4. The crew for cat 3 get out of the way and move to their safe location while the cat4 crew sets up for a quick launch on cat 4.
  5. The crew resets for the next planes.

Here is a video of what this would look like from the Catapult Safety Observer:

There are some more smaller items I can go on about like how they keep the red catapult shuttle guard and the different hold back bars in between the cats and so forth but you get the idea. The current progress is better than any other game or sim out there has tried to achieve, however if you wanna push it further to how it is, these changes would make a big difference.

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Thought I saw crew in the Bubble in Wags’ video?

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Maybe they will add it since they have the bubble between cats 1 & 2.
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There is that "bubble" on the side of Cat4

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The Centerdeck operator has not exclusive, on Wags video we see the Integrated Catapult Control Station (ICCS/"Bubble") on video start on the Hornet HUD.

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I think the OP is referring to the centre deck "hole" rather than the bubble.
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Originally Posted by OldJames View Post
I think the OP is referring to the centre deck "hole" rather than the bubble.
Yes, but the picture is from older carrier (69).
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