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Modern stuff is too much about operating systems. xxxx different missiles, radar driven, heat seekers, monitors and stuff that moves the pilot from being just a damn pilot. Korea was perfect time in history. Where you got best pilot experience of WW2 into jets. Best from both worlds.

My first jet was MiG-21 and thats too modern for me.
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I think the MiG-21 and the F-5 are an awesome matchup! So is the 15 and the 86 though too! Anything more modern than that starts to get a bit out of my comfort zone.
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Yeah I love the 21 as well and am eagerly awaiting for the 19. Tbh about the only thing that will get me out of old migs is the Tomcat, well until we get a foxhound
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I'm in full agreement with you guys, cold war era stuff is the way to go. The systems on the modern fighters I find too tedious, prefer to enjoy the flying more and there's something about the older aircraft I'm naturally drawn to.
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I love them all. A kickstarter person here for the original WWII push. Currently the Dora is my fav of the WWII era, and I love the Sabre. Like others, I wonder why the earlier aircraft aren't as popular . . . but . . .

If you like ground pounding, the A-10C is something you need to look at, and give all the systems a try. Despite the fact she has a steep learning curve, and multiple systems to master, she is still a "danger close" aircraft, and can be unforgiving if not handled right, like many WWII or 50s aircraft. In my mind, the best of all worlds. Other than an all out dogfighter, she is a blast in the CAS role, and I have managed to shoot down other enemy aircraft with her in Air to Air mode . . . which always surprises folks.
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Originally Posted by 9./JG26_Brigg View Post
Glad you liked her Shadepiece. I love her and imo its one of the best simulated modules in DCS and it baffles me why this and the Sabre arent more popular.
I know this is an old post, but man, I love this plane. I was just flying it around online this evening, and thinking this exact thing. Why isn't this the most popular plane in the DCS stable?

It's become my favorite by far. Just fantastic and fun to fly.
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