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Solution that worked for me after months of trying to work it out.
Go into your system bios and turn off Hyperthreading in your cpu settings then ensure as well in the bios that your USB 3.0 ports are on power or battery charging mode.

I’m stoked I finally cracked it for me.

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Kris B
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Thanks for your update bud, hopefully ED will sort it for 2.5
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To me, it seems like a memory issue. Today I was flying Nevada, red flag mission 5. The night time mission. Its a hot start by the end of the runway.

Anyways. As soon as the mission loaded, I hit pause and had to do some things around the house. I came back about 30 minutes later, and the crash screen was there. This was with no flying, nothing active, in pause mode. Totally baffles me......

James M
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Had a similar problem, where version 2.0 crashed when entering multiplayer mode - most times but not all. Someone posted a good hint, not sure where, but it's appropriate here.

In Windows 10, you need to run the DCS executables (Run.exe, dcsupdater, etc.) in ADMIN mode, release seems to be OK, but Alpha definitely needs it. You can set this in file settings to make it permanent, but only until the next update comes out. That's where I was getting hit, the updates wipe the settings.

So, just make sure you're running in "ADMIN" mode, and resetting this every update, and it should be OK.

See you guys in the sky.
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I'm having the same problem with the Normandy and Nevada map (i.e. it's a DCS 2 problem) with the spitfire/hawk. I've tried various versions of the nvidia driver now with no solution. The game bombs out after a short but not deterministic amount of time. The screen alternates between the DCS title window and the game display. I should add that version 1.5 of DCS works without problem - I was using it for over 2 hours this afternoon. Video card is Nvidia GTX1050Ti
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Seems I am starting to run into this issue but temporarily fixed it by deleting the vc_redist.x64 then repairing.

When the issue shows up I get a black screen (with music still playing) after adjusting controls then exiting to the main menu. I then have to ctrl/alt/del to get out, after that DCS will just sit on the black menu with the DCS logo... after some graphical distortions and flickering that is.

- Reinstalling clean drivers via DDU didn't fix it.
- No other games do this and temps are well within limits.
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What I've noticed is that these freeze problems are ultimately concern with how much you stress your GPU, I started working in that direction as I noticed that in Medium graphic settings I experience no freeze.

Even after upgrading my 970 GTX to 1080Ti (3 monitor setup) I still had lot's of freeze in 2.5 (and Normandy 2.2 beforehand) with High graphic settings.

But luckily I got to somehow minimize these freeze significantly this way:
* FPS limit: Limit to 45 FPS (Config/graphics.lua maxfps setting), though I might get up to 180fps without this setting in different scenarios, limiting it probably makes the GPU handle pick loads better
* Max FOV: Decreased max CameraViewAngleLimits for the relevant module to 140 (Config/View/Server.lua), greater FOV means the GPU has to render more of the surrounding virtual world
* NVidia Control Panel: as attached, note the bold ones
* DCS graphic settings: as attached, specifically higher values of Preload Radius and Clutter are very encouraging freeze, and I used NVisia's FXAA instead of in-game MSAA

and another one that doesn't hurt: after changing graphic settings - delete fxo and metashaders folders (under Saved Games)

Click image for larger version

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Name:	Capture 3.PNG
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Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture 4.PNG
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